Dynami Zois: Life Force

Rs. 170

Author(s) : Amit Shankar Saha, Anindita Bose

Publication : Virasat Art Publication

ISBN : 978-81-937341-1-7 (You can this ISBN Code to purchase this book from Amazon)

Category : Short Stories

পৃষ্ঠা : 144

A collection of short stories curated and edited by Anindita Bose and Amit Shankar Saha.


Dynamis Zois: Book Review. 
Edited by Dr. Amit Shankar Saha and Ms. Anindita Bose,  this anthology of stories,  a score and eight,  portray a panorama of all the spices of life that ingrains the life force: Dynamis Zois. 
The varieties of aspects dealt here with articulate admixture of aesthetic and artistic flavour. The oxymorons of life, those keeps life going,  are very poignantly analysed in the twenty eight stories. 
The selection of the stories is, no doubt,  flawless. The order of the stories is equally intriguing, that begins with \"God\'s Opera\" and completes itself with \"Unwritten Letters\". This again pictures the unquestionable myriad diaspora of the collection.
The language is lucid,  vivid and very picturesque devoid of any unnecessary ambiguity. The writing style is all embracing and covers a wide range. The genre of modern English writing is very well carried forward in the collection. Another fact is vividly revealed which marks the glory of Indian English and awareness in present day life from the quintessential Indian perspective, that mirrors views and values of various strata and classes encompassing all the corners of diversity of India. However, the embellished language unifies all diversity in the strong bonding of life force: Dynamis Zois.