Tales Of Transformision

Rs. 130

Author(s) : Lopamudra Banerjee

Publication : Virasat Art Publication

Category : Poetry

পৃষ্ঠা : 144

Translation of Rabindranath Tagore's poems Chitrangada and Chandalika by Lopamudra



Chitrangada:  It has good rhythm,  almost like a ballad. While going through the rhythmical notes of the piece, one could visualise herself or himself as a bard sitting at the foothills of the Purvachal and singing the glorious saga of the warrior princess and her much desired prince. But it is not only a saga of love. It has beautifully carried forward Tagore's ideology of identity and identity crisis of the then society which is so relevant till date. It is not just any word to word transcription.  The emotion of Tagore that was internalized in the characters of the play has been so poetically externalized in Banerjee's work. 
Chandalika: On a more sombre note,  this has been crafted by Lopamudra,  so well acclimatized with the subtlety of the peaceful religious ethos of Buddhism. The slow,  ambling motion of the play is adept to cast a deep impact on the mindset of the reader.  The transformation of Prakriti,  as traced out by Banerjee,  guided by the super power of Tagore,  ingrains a feel of everlasting peace. 
Keeping in consideration the relevance of these two social problems of transgender crisis and ignominy of untouchability,  this book is a must read in every home and hearth.