New Town Boimela 2022

Category : Book Fair

Event date : December 29, 2022

Event time : 04:00 PM

Location : Main stage of New Town Boimela

A magnificent launch 
Come one, come all!
Please join us to witness one of the grandest book launches of 2022. 
Here 'Surrogate Wife' of Abhijit Sen ( English translation by Sutapa Chaudhuri) depicts the story of a young homeless woman and her pseudo-conjugal relationships, a bank official and a prostitute and many more magical ones harvested from the nook and crannies of North Bengal. 
Here 'Periodic Tales' of Aparna Singh tells stories of women and their happy and not so happy experiences during menstrual days.
Here 'Palette A Collection of Haibun' of Rajorshi Patranabis paints and portrays micro tales of love voyaging through different shades of human emotions.
Here 'Homecoming' of Rituparna Khan depicts the kind of pulse where life tells us stories...multidimensional stories that help us to be born, to thrive, to live, to die, to move on...stories of diaspora, stories of human, non-human and inhuman aspects of our subcontinent and beyond that. 
And, last but not the least, here 'Oitihashik Bhuker Sei Saat Din O Bosu Buddha Mamata Modi' of Debarun Ray depicts untold stories about the traffic rule of Left hand drive in Indian political highway and how it has changed and come to the terms of Right hand driving today.

Don't miss this historical opportunity where a short story writer, a translator (in her spirit), a poet, a novelist and an icon from a media house meet at the confluence of New Town Boimela for this magnificent launch.